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Integrating our solutions into the processes and value chains of primary and secondary brand packaging manufacturers in order to protect markets against counterfeiting and grey market activities.


of sales lost in Europe as a result of the black market


direct jobs lost in the perfume and cosmetics industry


of consumers are believed to possess at least one counterfeit product without knowing it

Diversion prevention solutions

Investing in diversion prevention solutions is crucial for any company producing perfumes or cosmetic products. Grey markets pose a serious threat to these companies and can cause considerable financial losses, while also affecting consumer confidence. Non-authorized reselling means reselling genuine products outside of official distribution channels. Such products are often sold at lower prices, which can damage the company’s reputation and cause financial losses. To safeguard your business against grey market activities, you can put a number of security measures in place, such as physical codes, secure traceability solutions and partnerships with brand protection service providers. Advanced Track & Trace provides effective solutions in this very field to help brand inspectors monitor your markets as well as your profits.

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Product authentication

Perfumes and cosmetic products are often targeted by counterfeiters seeking to imitate the products in question and sell fake versions, tricking consumers. Your business may suffer significant financial losses as a result of counterfeiting: not only will you lose sales – consumer confidence in your brand may also be damaged. To protect yourself against counterfeiting, you can invest in solutions to authenticate your products on-line. We also recommend using solutions that enable you to identify your physical products, with genuine or fake codes, and advanced security technologies. Consumers and/or brand inspectors can then verify the authenticity of the products using smartphone applications or QR code readers. Advanced Track & Trace is here to help you define these needs and implement brand protection solutions for your products before they are even distributed. With our 360° protection, you can take action before your product becomes a victim of counterfeiting.

Consumer engagement

Investing in a consumer engagement solution is key to building customer loyalty. When purchasing products, today’s consumers are increasingly on the lookout for personalized and interactive experiences. By providing personalized content on your product packaging – additional information on the composition and manufacture of the product, as well as special offers – you can get customers to engage more with your brand. Digitization solutions also offer the opportunity to collect data on customer preferences and purchasing habits, all while complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This information can be used to tailor products and services to your customers’ specific needs, enabling you to significantly improve their experience of your brand.

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