ISO & AFNOR standards

The purpose of standards is to define universal, tested and certified methods and practices across different areas such as management, governance, and product and service quality. They are designed to assess the conformity of companies and organizations in order to assure brands, their customers and citizens that products and services are compliant and fit for purpose. Please note that ISO standards are international in scope.



Founding members
of the VDSIC

An essential standard

ISO 27001 is an international standard that sets out the necessary requirements for information security management systems and ensures that the risks associated with them are identified and managed appropriately. The protection of our customers’ confidential and sensitive information is of paramount importance to us. That is why implementing ISO 27001 is a guarantee that our company has put a solid framework in place for digital data management and protection. Our ISO 27001 certification represents our commitment to cybersecurity.

Active participation

As part of our ongoing operations, we contribute to the development of international standards through active partnerships with organizations such as ISO, AFNOR, ITSA and the ACN.

ISO is an independent international organization that develops standards to align them across more than 160 countries; the French standards organization, AFNOR, develops and publishes French and international standards to meet the needs of French companies, while also contributing to standardization at both a European and an international level. The active involvement of our experts within these two organizations ensures that our technologies are always at the cutting edge and aligned with future requirements.

Our colleague Zbigniew Sagan is a member of the International Tax Stamp Association’s Board of Directors. The International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA) is a global organization that works to combat counterfeiting and tax evasion by promoting the use of tax stamps and security devices worldwide. ITSA works with governments, international organizations and businesses to develop standards, technologies and best practices in the field of tax security.

The French organization Alliance for Digital Trust (ACN – Alliance pour la Confiance Numérique) brings together companies, research centres and professional organizations to strengthen the digital trust sector in France and Europe by working on research, development and standardization projects concerning solutions and technologies aimed at supporting the security, sovereignty, competitiveness and influence of French industry.

What is the VDSIC?

Advanced Track & Trace is a founding member of the Visible Digital Seal International Council (VDSIC). Founded in 2016, the organization works to develop and promote the Visible Digital Seal (VDS) by bringing together stakeholders operating as trusted service providers. The VDSIC is responsible for VDS standardization and management, defining security requirements, referencing authorized certification authorities and promoting ethical behaviour and service quality among its members. The Council represents the VDS and major players in the sector to public authorities, regulatory bodies and other professional organizations, while also facilitating exchange between professionals and contributing to legislative and regulatory developments.

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