Secure traceability

Ensuring reliable distribution channels and product tracking.

Implemented throughout the supply chain, secure traceability solutions enable you to monitor your distribution channels and minimize the risks associated with getting your products to market, while also boosting consumer confidence in your products.

Reasons to invest in secure traceability

Effectively reducing the risks

Products are often lost or stolen as are transported through distribution channels. Trace your products to minimize the risks and detect any cases of theft in your distribution channels. Your product is protected from the moment it leaves the factory to the point of sale.

Preventing loss of turnover

Some distributors leverage your reputation to resell your products in alternative markets at higher prices than your selling prices. In doing so, they are making a margin on your products and causing you to lose business.

Checking if distribution networks are trustworthy

Monitor the sender reputation of your distribution channels. You will be able to make sure – quickly and easily – that all of the products leaving your factories are arriving at their intended destination, after travelling along their intended route.

Identifying the causes of quality concerns

If a quality issue arises in any of your products, you can react quickly and find out exactly where the product has come from, while examining the distribution chain to identify the cause of the problem.

An introduction to secure traceability concepts

A complete or modular traceability solution designed for you.

Advanced Track & Trace® develops advanced and secure traceability tools to provide complete or modular solutions for product monitoring throughout its life cycle.

Our range of traceability software is designed to help companies – small and large – to trace products and protect brands around the world. Our solutions have proven successful in a wide range of industries.

Our different software packages can be used together or separately to suit the needs of your business. Innovative and optimized, our solutions give your products a unique identity and additional high value-added features without disrupting your production lines.