Brand protection

Protecting your products and securing the success of your business around the world.

With the appropriate brand protection strategy in place, you can improve trust in your organization, enhance your consumer relations and secure long-term market growth.

Reasons to invest in brand protection

Increasing your profits

Counterfeit goods and product diversion are loss makers for your business. Investing in a brand protection solution means minimizing risks and increasing sales.

Boosting your brand image

Brand protection creates added value for your customers by guaranteeing the provenance of your products. This strengthens your market position and helps to build brand loyalty.

Minimizing safety risks

Counterfeit goods and products sold through parallel markets are not compliant with the safeguards you have put in place. Certifying your products means making sure that your customers are protected.

Improving consumer confidence

Consumers can buy protected products with total peace of mind. Involving consumers in the product verification process means empowering them to take part in the fight against counterfeiting.

What are the different types of fraud?

A sure-fire guarantee of authenticity.

A reliable, secure and unclonable authenticator is the best solution for product protection and brand success. Patented by ATT, SEALVector® is a physical code that guarantees the authenticity of your products.
  • With SEALVector®, you can affix a mark of ownership to any object or graphic representation, whether in digital or physical form.
  • A strong authenticator, it provides proof of the illegal copying of a physical or digital product.
  • SEALVector® technology is compatible with most printing processes and can be securely installed by subcontractors and suppliers of components, packaging, labels or casing elements.