Brand Protection

Illicit businesses and unauthorized practices pose risks and threats to businesses and brands, governments and consumers.
For more than 15 years, Advanced Track & Trace® has been providing brands, manufacturers and governments with solutions to control and drastically reduce risks and improve control of the supply chain: product and products components authentication, secure Track & Trace, integrity, anti-counterfeiting, advanced detection of fraud and uncontrolled practices (reuse, refilling, over-production, substitutions, manipulations …).
ATT is the security partner of the biggest brands and world leaders in their sector, serving them with a combination of experience, expertise and highest level of confidentiality.

authentification forte


The Seal Vector® strong authentication solution from Advanced Track & Trace® allows a Brand to affix on a product or an object a sign or a symbol attesting to its property on this product or any type of support, and to identify it by an associated private code, which cannot be used without the authorized rights.

ATT solutions facilitate the fight against counterfeits, allows for their early detection and ensure the integrity of a product and its legitimacy.

track and trace securise

Secured Track & Trace

Individually identify, record and monitor each product  from the production of its packaging (packs, labels, primers), on the production lines (packing-filling).

Manage shipments, and follow your product at unit level throughout the supply chain, in warehouses, at your distributors and retailers, up to the consumer who can also be an indicator of security and enrich your data on the life and journeys of your products.

anti contrefaçon

Engineering, Consulting

ATT delivers private-public « multi-layered » solutions that cannot be manipulated in order to find the individual identity of a product. Combinations of visible and hidden codes, ATT solutions are robust and lasting, quickly adaptable and upgradeable. They make it possible to distinguish without confusion an original and legitimate product or component from a counterfeit, and to ensure its correct location on the market. With its customers, ATT carries out the specifications, project management and industrial engineering for its projects.

A unique offering of end-to-end solutions


  • Audit
  • Specifications
  • Studies
  • Assembly of solutions
  • Customer internalization

Data Management

gestion des données
  • Serialization, ID generation
  • Integration
  • Adaptation
  • Supervision
  • Hosting

Industrial Integration

Intégration industrielle
  • On-site installations
  • Marking-reading pairs, automatisms
  • Filliation, Track & Trace
  • Training, support, maintenance

Controls in the Field

controles de terrain
  • Remote control tools
  • Transmission security
  • Web service check
  • Real time responses
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Monitoring Platforms

Plateformes de monitoring
  • Alarms
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard
  • Services
  • Arificial intelligence


ATT is one of the historical players in the Brand Protection, Track & Trace and product security markets.
For more than 15 years, ATT experts have worked to secure many types of products, among the most demanding and the most coveted and attacked, on the most difficult world markets. ATT’s vast experience is enriched every day and enriches the services and solutions provided to its customers. The durability of the ATT customer relationship demonstrates the quality of the solutions and the services, the capacity to evolve and the confidence that customers have in the company.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Wines & Spirits
  • Consumer food
  • Perfumes & Cosmetics
  • aeronautics and air transport
  • Automotive
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Luxury, leather goods, ready-to-wear
  • Defense industries
  • Games and toys
  • Chemistry
  • Other

Engineering, consulting and services

With more than fifteen years of collaboration with the largest global groups, in many sectors of activity, for very different types of products, issues and strategies, with deployments in all areas of the world, including the most sensitive (Asia , Eastern Europe, South America), Advanced Track & Trace® has acquired unparalleled experience and developed unique know-how. This expertise and knowledge are put at the service of clients to define the appropriate strategies and implement them.
Advanced Track & Trace® ensures the confidential treatment of projects and provides tools and procedures that make it possible to achieve the set objectives, optimize field investigations, detect and identify illegal practices (counterfeiting, diversions, refilling, reuse …) and provide proof. ATT can support the legal aspects of its clients, or be associated with them, thanks to a strong and aggressive IP, trademarks and patents policy.

An efficient and experienced IT team carries out tailor-made developments to adapt to specific business characteristics and particular needs. The Industry team, with its partners and subcontractors, imagines, develops and perfects special marking and production machines to meet the technical requirements of applications and its customers needs.

ATT solutions also make it possible to recognize, characterize and monitor the activity of the different types of counterfeit products and counterfeit networks.