Product digitization

Strengthening consumer links and developing your brand.

Strengthen your reputation and improve your consumer links with product digitization solutions that will ensure your company’s growth and security as you expand internationally.

Reasons to invest in product digitization

Building consumer loyalty to your brand

In today’s increasingly competitive world, acquiring new customers can be very costly. Retaining customers, therefore, is very important for your business.

Using new communication channels

Mobile marketing solutions open up unique communication channels to maximize consumer loyalty.

Innovative marketing campaigns

Create innovative marketing campaigns and use our solutions to communicate with your consumers in a fresh and relevant way.

Perfectly targeted campaigns

In today’s market, targeting is the secret to a successful marketing campaign. Mobile marketing makes it possible to reach every consumer with personalized messages and offers.

Bringing your brands and consumers into the digital universe

Unleash your imagination with mobile marketing

You can connect each QR code to a mobile website, a video, or a link to your social networks and tutorials to inform the consumer about the product, its provenance and composition, as well as other potential purchases.

Use dynamic solutions to create customized communications to suit any event. From Christmas to Chinese New Year and Black Friday, the possibilities are endless.

Tailor your communications to fit a specific region or client thanks to unit-level product identification solutions.

Launch contests, promotions, coupons, product alerts, votes, opportunities for feedback and more.

Track campaign performance in real time, while complying with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).