Track & Trace

Providing brand protection and document security solutions

At ATT, we have been providing authentication and traceability solutions to our many customers – including SMEs, multinationals, governments, security printers and international institutions – for 20 years.

We are a global market leader in branded product protection and secure traceability.

Protecting branded products

Our mission

Protecting citizens against illicit trade and identity theft.

Our vision

Providing strong authentication and secure traceability solutions to businesses and governments.

Our goal

Delivering sustainable, high-performance solutions to protect products and documents.

Our values

Innovation, expertise, customer satisfaction, teamwork and passion.

About us

Advanced Track & Trace at a glance

20 years of experience

Founded in 2003, ATT is a French company that offers innovative solutions for secure authentication and traceability. Using dedicated technologies, we meet the varied needs of our customers, such as governments, major global groups, security printers, SMEs and international institutions.

Unique expertise

ATT’s high-performance solutions have made us a recognized leader in security, authentication, identification and traceability solutions for both brands and governments.

International presence

Our partnerships with security printers around the world give numerous companies and governments access to ATT’s powerful solutions for the protection of citizens from illicit markets.

Confidentiality and discretion

At ATT, confidentiality and trust are core company values. As such, our customers are guaranteed maximum security and absolute confidentiality across all of the applications and solutions being used.

Asian subsidiaries

To safeguard the development and protection of our customers’ products and assembly parts in Asia, ATT has subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Shanghai, China, with a dedicated Chinese team.

Commitment to CSR

ATT undertakes to respect the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility by addressing the environmental, social and economic impacts of our activities. As such, we are proud to offer products for which no consumables are required, thus reducing our environmental footprint while offering our customers sustainable solutions.

Our story

Advanced Track and Trace was founded in France in 2003 with a clear mission: to offer our customers a range of high-quality security, authentication, identification and traceability solutions. Over the years, ATT has earned its credentials as a technological and market leader in the sector, with dozens of patents in numerous countries. The company has expanded its scope by providing solutions to governments, major international groups, security printers, SMEs and international institutions. With many customer relationships spanning more than a decade, ATT is dedicated to supporting the success of our customers through innovative and secure solutions.

Sécurité informatique

Our patents: Recognition of innovation

Advanced Track and Trace holds over 250 patents in more than 50 countries. These patents demonstrate our ability to innovate and develop cutting-edge technologies in the security, authentication, identification and traceability sector. These technologies are used to protect brands, products and documents, and to combat counterfeiting and other forms of fraud. ATT’s patents reflect our dedication to excellence and our ability to provide valuable and secure traceability and anti-counterfeiting solutions to high-growth markets.

Capital Croissance: Our majority shareholder

Capital Croissance is an independent management company with a unique approach to investment. It is dedicated to accelerating growth by helping companies to achieve their goals. It does so by offering companies a customized support system that encompasses business development, growth operations, human resources development, digital management and strategic direction, while also addressing social, environmental and societal issues. Capital Croissance draws on a club of more than 350 private investors who, over and above financial support, provide expertise, contacts and strategic vision. The company is guided by shared values such as humility, benevolence, respect, commitment and excellence.

The Lamy Group: Long-standing shareholder

The first investor in ATT, the Lamy Group retains a stake in the company’s capital as a minority shareholder. For almost 200 years, the Lamy Group has been active in three different business sectors: energy services, raw materials and transport-logistics.
Martin Lamy: “The successive developments of the Group have always enabled us to remain anchored in the present and support changes in the Company. Our expertise, coupled with this wealth of experience, has given us our current role as a solid, reliable and independent partner. This status allows us to invest in forward-looking business activities that need partners who can provide them with the expertise and investment capacity to support their projects and make them sustainable.”