Security documents

Protecting citizens against identity theft, counterfeiting and fraud.

Providing governments with the most secure technologies. For more than 20 years, major organizations have entrusted our innovative solutions with the protection of citizens’ identity documents around the world.

Reasons to invest in security features for official documents

Protecting official documents

Safeguarding the integrity and reliability of official documents is vital to maintaining trust between citizens, businesses and their governments. It also prevents illicit markets from developing.

Identity theft

Official document protection is essential to fighting identity theft and protecting citizens around the world.

Making verification accessible

In today’s world, secure physical codes can be checked on the spot with just a smartphone and a dedicated application. We offer effective solutions that make document protection accessible.

Protecting confidential information

Document security solutions make it possible to protect confidential and sensitive information such as personal data, financial information, trade secrets and intellectual property.

The design and development of solutions for security documents.

Ensuring document integrity with ease and total security

The SEALCrypt® code is a patented technology from Advanced Track & Trace. A secure data container, it is easy to print and operate. SEALCrypt® technology can be used with soft infrastructure, with or without databases, all the while remaining safe and secure.

SEALCrypt® has a wide range of applications and maintains a very high level of security across the board. Its uses range from integrity checks and visual and biometric recognition to securing vehicle registration plates, car stickers, insurance certificates and professional ID cards.

Easy to set up (on SaaS or local software) and operate (using a smartphone), SEALCrypt®’s flexibility gives it a wide array of avenues for application.