Our software & IT platforms

Advanced Track and Trace develops software suites that are perfectly tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

These platforms enable our customers to register, secure and trace their products and documents by the unit. Extremely flexible, these software suites interface seamlessly with other ERP and external software systems.

Variable code generation
for application on customer layouts

All public codes

All public codes can be managed from VARYIDs®: 1D barcodes, data matrixes, 2D QR codes, etc.

Preventing print copying

All of our secure ATT private codes can be embedded to prevent print copying and restore value to printers and packaging manufacturers: SEALVector®, TOKENVector®, and more.

Integration of visual elements

Optical security features such as guilloche patterns and printed authenticators can also be integrated.

Correlation of individual data units

Variable data correlation: The software can generate and manage various individual units of data in order to pair and/or correlate them with each other.

Ready-to-print solutions

Ready-to-print files in PDF format are then provided to the printer for easy production.

Production, printing
and distribution management

Traceability software

A traceability software suite for the management of product and document flows on production sites.

Turnkey platform

ATT offers a turnkey platform that can interface with site-management ERP systems.

Direct marking

Direct in-line marking with digital printing or laser marking.

Scanning equipment

Installation of scanning equipment with 100% compliance.

Data collection

Creation of parent-child relationships and aggregation in order to collect all tracing history data.

Stock and shipment tracking

Tracking of stock volumes and recording of shipments for distribution.

Consumer engagement
and on-the-spot scans with smartphones

Embedded software

Software embedded within a phone application for authentication by the consumer or inspectors.

Traceability by batch or unit

The authenticator is traceable by production batch or individual unit.

Customized apps

Customized applications integrated in the form of SDKs within brand portals.

Remote checks

Remote checking of local action taken to fight fraud by brand or government inspectors.

Access rights management

Management of secure access rights and access to compartmentalized data in accordance with the packages requested.

Data management, transfer
and analysis

Private data centres

Data storage in ATT’s private data centres or the customer’s data centre as appropriate to the packages in use – always fully compliant with ISO 27001 cybersecurity standards.

Data organization

Organization of data for enhanced use by brands or governments, data analysis and data provision.

Data protection

Secure password-based transfers and strict management of access rights.

Operations tracking

Tracking of operations by an ATT Back Office for Level 1, 2 and 3 security authentication, depending on the packages deployed.


Reporting, off-the-shelf dashboards and customization upon request.

Variability: A strategic challenge

Product identification and traceability have become major issues for brands seeking to improve their communications with consumers and combat illicit practices. Variable data printing offers an unlimited range of simple and effective ways to meet these challenges, from unit-level identification and complete traceability solutions to providing information to the consumer.
Developed by Advanced Track & Trace®, a leading provider of serialization solutions, the VARYIDs® platform unlocks the potential of variable printing for conventional printers and their customers, offering them access to a wide range of private and public codes and graphic elements designed to meet brands’ needs.
With full transparency in the printing process, ATT’s VARYIDs® platform is the most direct service for integrating single, correlated or multi-layer variable elements into digital workflows. Extremely flexible, VARYIDs® can be fully adapted to meet the customer’s needs.
With VARYIDs®, managing the five stages of variable printing becomes easy:
  • Definition: Defining ID models, graphic design (new or existing creations), positioning, labelling, packaging and more.
  • Creation:  Selecting and organizing variables – serial numbers, batches, product types, destinations, etc. – and ensuring their integration and correlation.
  • Optimization: Defined according to the printing or marking process concerned, this can involve imposition, amalgams – if full digital printing – or in-line optimization.
  • Generation: Generating ready-to-print files or downloads through a secure web service or on-site.
  • Management: Managing IDs and their traceability on ATT servers (secure hosting) and/or customer servers.

The ultimate track-and-trace software

IDPackLine® is a track-and-trace solution that ensures the creation of parent-child relationships between a product, the case and the pallet (bundling) within the production, packaging or finishing line. With IDPackLine®, ATT offers a solution designed to accommodate any scale – from fully automated, high-speed factories to small production units. 
Giving your products a digital identity
Create an identity card for your product and link it to a unit-level serial number. IDPackLine® allows you to generate files summarizing the primary characteristics of your products and to assign a unit-level serial number to each of these products so that they can be accurately tracked all the way to the end consumer.
Registering your production operations for total control
You can define a product, a packaging method and a consignee for each production order. A parent-child relationship is established between each product and its case and pallet, giving you total control and detailed awareness of the progress of products destined for shipment or storage.
With IDPackLine®, you can import all upstream tracing information from the main production management software for total traceability.
Identifying and deterring parallel markets
By scanning the product code – 2D or otherwise – you can access the full history and datasheet of the product, anywhere in the world, to view its composition, production date, packaging, consignee and more. The identification of each product sheds light on illegal practices such as parallel markets, smuggling and diversion, offering a way to dissuade such practices.
Activating the consumer
IDPackLine® features an integrated tool that enables you to create and manage the information you want to communicate to the consumer. As such, you can generate web pages, allow consumers to check the provenance and identity of their products, and provide them with exclusive promotional content.

A cutting-edge application for on-the-spot checks

An innovative mobile application, available on iOS and Android platforms, SecuriScan® allows users to verify the SEALVector® authenticator without the need for any additional device.
This application effectively secures product authentication by providing instant feedback on the validity of the product in question.

In addition, SecuriScan® offers interaction with the consumer by giving them access to product information, loyalty programmes and other marketing campaigns. Businesses can integrate this technology into their own applications by using SDK, WebApp or Web Assembly modules provided by ATT.

This makes SecuriScan® a practical and effective solution for reassuring consumers of product authenticity while providing an enhanced user experience.

Secure software for data management, transfer and analysis

Our data management and analysis software gives you access to real-time feedback from brand inspectors and your end consumers.

The code reading system introduced by ATT offers excellent reliability – every time a code is scanned, the smartphone used is geolocated, making it possible to detect any suspicious activity. Alerts can also be programmed to report codes that are scanned too often or in unexpected places, in order to guard against the risk of fraud or misappropriation.

With this platform, you can access information relating to production, product destinations and the relevant consumers to track your products around the world. All data is made available on the dashboard immediately, which enables you to monitor scanning activities and geolocation tracking in real time.

This makes the DashboardATT an essential solution for any company seeking to set up a strategy to protect and monitor their branded products.