Banks and governments

Lending our expertise to government entities and central banks to authenticate banknotes and various identity documents. Partnering with security printers to deliver complete solutions.

56 billion euros

in damage caused by identity theft scams

1 billion

ATT technologies applied to banknotes around the world

11 billion

records stolen between 2008 and 2020

Security documents

Having reliable official documents makes it possible for an individual to prove their identity – a fundamental right. They are a guarantee of the trust granted to the individual by the agents of the State and by other citizens. Whether it is a passport, visa, driving licence or one of the various forms of ID cards, an ID document must be quick, easy and reliable to check by the authorities.

ATT’s SEALCrypt® code is designed to offer an easy and cost-effective solution to this challenge. It has been incorporated into the Irish passport card to enable encrypted data to be read with a smartphone.

billet de banque


ATT’s technologies have been put to the test in the world of banknotes by our partner the Banque de France – France’s central bank – and its research centre since 2010. Our PUF (physical unclonable function) technology – which distinguishes a genuine article from a fake one – was put into circulation for the first time in 2015.

Working together with the Banque de France, we subsequently embedded this unclonable seal on other banknotes using SEALgn@ture® technology. The technology can be hidden in the background design and used as a Level 3 security (forensic) authenticator by central bank inspectors. ATT is also developing future technologies that will enable authentication to be carried out by using a simple smartphone (level 2).

Tax stamps

Sovereign governments have the right to levy excise duties on products in accordance with international treaties or national laws. These indirect taxes levied on consumption are most of the time applied to certain commodities, notably tobacco, alcohol, soft drinks, petroleum and its derivatives.

When a tax stamp regime is introduced, one of the first issues to arise is the question of how to make sure that all products are properly taxed.

A choice must then be made between the indirect physical marking of the products – via a tax stamp with security features like a mini banknote – and/or the use of a direct marking on the product or its secondary packaging that can be used for product identification. ATT offers solutions for both processes. It is well recognized that product authentication must be tied to a product’s provenance and traceability (including its origin and precise place and date of manufacture).

At ATT, we leverage all of our expertise to help our partners – both private sector actors and governmental authorities – to design the right tax stamp system for the country and products concerned.

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