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A global leader in the alcohol and spirits sector adopts ATT’s technologies.

Using ATT’s Titanium® solution, the Group can trace its products throughout the supply chain all the way to the end consumer, while detecting any anomalies related to product localization, counterfeiting and refill fraud, etc. Each product is identified and traced individually with Titanium® stickers. These stickers are produced at a number of digital printing sites on various continents using common specifications. These printing sites are supplied with ready-to-print files by the VARYIDs® platform. This set-up guarantees both the variable identifications involved and their uniformity in controlled production processes around the world. A QR code establishes a link with the consumer – one product to one consumer – and offers them the opportunity to carry out reassuring checks, while also encouraging engagement and loyalty. In this way, the consumer can play their part in the early detection of fraud.

Rangée de verre de vin