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ATT’s technology is featured in banknotes with SEALgn@ture® and the Banque de France.

ATT’s secure-by-design PUF (physical unclonable function) technology enters the banknote sector. The result of a partnership between the Bank of France and ATT, SEALgn@ture® is the first example of PUF (physical unclonable function) technology integrated into a banknote in circulation.

After several years of robustness testing against counterfeiting and ageing in real-world conditions, SEALgn@ture® is being progressively rolled out in new banknotes in areas where banknotes are particularly solicited and in very high volumes. SEALgn@ature has been fully integrated into the demanding processes involved in banknote design and manufacturing. Its use will be gradually extended to retailers via a new reading device and then to the general public.