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ATT is tracing and securing Crus Bourgeois wines from the Médoc region in Bordeaux.

ATT has been the Alliance des Crus Bourgeois’ traceability, security and CRM partner for more than 9 years. Close to 300 Châteaux in the Médoc region have benefited from ATT’s know-how and experience via its Titanium® sticker technology. Supplied to certified wineries, the Titanium® sticker is affixed to all Crus Bourgeois bottles. It ensures the traceability of their wine and helps secure their relationships with distribution networks and consumers while assuring the early detection of fraud and protecting against counterfeiting.

It also gives the Union complete control of the volumes of wine released on the market.

ATT manages all operations: from sticker supply and the management of output volumes released on the market to the use and processing of data from stickers on the market.