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ATT protects and traces Champagne with the French winegrowers union.

Produced by certified cap producers integrating unit-level identification and authentication solutions on their production sites, the Cloé® cap – the first connected cap for sparkling wines – is distributed to Champagne wineries by the Champagne Syndicat Général des Vignerons (SGV), the trade union that defends the interests of Champagne growers. The cap accompanies the bottles released on the market, enabling unit-level tracing and authentication of each bottle produced and distributed. QR codes that can be activated before and after a purchase create an exclusive link with the consumer, stimulating and enhancing consumer relations.

IDPackLine® helps wineries secure a complete track and trace process and manage their CRM system. With its traceability, authentication, CRM and security functions, Cloé® is the perfect tool for the protection and promotion of Champagne wines.