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Acquisition of MSP SAS: a key step in ATT’s evolution in the fight against illicit markets.

At the start of 2023, Advanced Track & Trace, a leader in the protection and traceability of branded products, has made a major announcement with the acquisition of Media Services Partners (MSP SAS).

Founded in 2003, MSP SAS is a French company specialising in the secure traceability and physical authentication of branded products. In particular, MSP SAS offers solutions based on tamper-evident labels, which enable brands to protect their products against counterfeiting and offer consumers a secure shopping experience.

The technologies developed and patented by MSP SAS are used across a wide range of industries, particularly in the wine and spirits sector. The company has set itself apart through its commitment to innovation, service and the quality of its solutions. Thanks to a talented team, MSP SAS has succeeded in expanding its presence, advising and supporting its customers in their fight against counterfeiting.

The benefits of this alliance

  • Complementarity of solutions : By integrating the technologies and know-how of MSP SAS, ATT is enriching its portfolio of solutions. This will enable brands to benefit from a wider range of tools to protect their products and guarantee the integrity of their supply chain.
  • Expertise renforcée : L’expertise accumulée par MSP SAS dans le domaine de la protection et la traçabilité des produits vient renforcer les compétences déjà solides d’ATT. Cette synergie d’expertises permettra de répondre de manière encore plus efficace aux besoins spécifiques de chaque client.
  • Expansion géographique : Grâce à cette alliance, ATT étend sa présence géographique et renforce ses capacités principalement dans le milieu vinicole avec un portefeuille client de plus de 1000 châteaux en France.
  • Management commentary

  • Jérôme Pichot, CEO of ATT, said: “We quickly found common ground, because our complementary nature was obvious and because people and customer service are at the heart of our respective concerns.”
  • Thierry Arnaud, ex-CEO of MSP SAS, added: “We were looking to get closer to a leader in Brand Protection. ATT was identified as the most complementary to our activities. We bring them all our customer references, across all sectors.”
  • ATT’s acquisition of MSP SAS in January 2023 marks a key step in the company’s evolution in the field of Brand Protection. Through this strategic alliance, ATT strengthens its leadership position and enhances its offering of physical authentication solutions. The benefits of this alliance include complementary solutions and enhanced expertise, offering new opportunities for brands to protect their products against counterfeiting.

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