Generate the QR code for the nutritional data of your alcoholic drinks

Pioneer of the QR Code and contributor to many ISO and GS1 standards, ATT launches the NUTRILABEL.FR service.

Already compatible with international standards (including the mandatory recycling data for Italy), the platform allows producers of still and sparkling wines, aperitif wines, beers and spirits to provide the European consumer, in his language, with nutritional information about their products. This information is made available by a QR code provided by the platform before being printed on a label on the bottle.

With a free trial in Freemium and very attractive pricing conditions, Nutrilabel allows producers to manage the information returned by the QR Code.

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Product Digitalization

Advanced Track & Trace® allows you to bring your products and customers into the digital world! Give your products unique, secure, intuitive, scalable digital identities and new functions to and from the Consumer.

  • Strengthen the Brand Trust and Brand Loyalty,
  • Follow all the parameters of the relationship with your customers,
  • Have a better understanding of the Consumer,
  • Ensure the security and authenticity of your products,
  • Take full control of your chain and distribution networks.

Advanced Track & Trace® provides an integrated chain of Product Experience tools to digitize your Products, from code generation to field operation.

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Brand Protection

Illicit businesses and unsafe, unauthorized practices pose significant risks and threats to businesses and their brands, governments and consumers.

For more than 15 years, Advanced Track & Trace® has been providing brands owners, manufacturers and governments with solutions to control and drastically reduce risks: authentication of products, product components, secure Track & Trace, anti-counterfeiting, advanced detection of frauds and uncontrolled practices (reuse, refilling, over-production, substitutions, manipulations, etc.).

ATT is the security partner of the largest brands and world leaders in their sector, serving them with a combination of experience, expertise and highest confidentiality.

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Documents security

Wether it is Banknotes, tax stamps, identity documents and valuable or sensitive documents, Advanced Track & Trace® has for several years successfully developed its activity in the field of document security.

Its innovative technologies have found numerous applications with a very high level of security, based on its know-how in issuing public codes and designing private codes.

ATT has developed innovative technologies for the authentication, identification and protection of valuable or sensitive documents, the protection of data integrity and encoding of confidential information to ensure the security of people and documents.

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Meet the Seal Vector…

The high security, consumable-free authenticator compatible with any printing or marking process.

The only truly eco-responsible authenticator.

Regularly recognized at international events, the award-winning Seal Vector technology effectively protects billions of products every day. Some of the most coveted products and brands rely on the Seal Vector for their protection worldwide.

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tech solutions

Expertise &

A unique experience and a complete range of security solutions:

  • Authentication and Security by design.
  • PUF Physical unclonable functions.
  • Public-private serialization.
  • Variable data provider.
  • Secure Track & Trace.
  • Integrity: products, data, documents.
  • Data container codes.

Software &

A complete and flexible SaaS software suite and IT services that:

  • Ensures the generation of multiple variable data for all volumes.
  • Traces and secures data and its transmissions.
  • Secures the integration of data into industrial and printing processes.
  • Interfaces with existing organizations and ERPs.

Integration & industrialization

Long experience of integration into industrial processes:

  • On-site installations.
  • Marking-reading couples.
  • Automation.
  • Registrations, filiation.
  • Track & Trace.
  • Training, support, maintenance.
  • A global network of certified providers.

Engineering &

Define the best strategies with clients and implement them:

  • Analyzes, audits.
  • Studies, specifications.
  • Assembly of solutions.
  • Turnkey, tailor-made solutions.
  • Proofs of concept and deployments.
  • Customer internalization.
  • Support, service.

Why choose ATT

  • An internationally recognized driven leader in Brand Protection, Serialization, Track & Trace.
  • A unique experience with major world leaders, for more than 15 years, in the supply of tailor-made solutions.
  • Proven associations of public codes (QR code, data matrix, 1D codes,….) and private codes (Seal Vector®, Token Vector,…).
  • Unique technologies: Physical Unclonable Functions and Security by Design.

ATT’s Track and Trace: an end-to-end, complete solution

ATT is an authorized issuer of codes certified by AIM Global US (Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility) and complies with the procedures and obligations for creating unique identifiers in order to ensure full compatibility between the different identities in accordance with the standard. ISO 15459.