Software and SaaS

Advanced Track and Trace has developed a complete software suite meeting the needs of its customers and allowing them to identify and individually track their products. This suite is extremely flexible and interfaces very easily with other software potentially used by the customer.


Generation of
Web-to-Print Codes

  • Public codes: 2D, 1D …
  • ATT private codes: SV, TV …
  • Optical visual elements
  • Correlation of variables
  • « Ready to Print » files

Production Management
Printing – Distribution

  • 100% digital printing
  • Direct online marking
  • Reading – 100% compliance
  • Filiation – Aggregation
  • Stock monitoring and distribution

Smartphone field operation – Terminals

  • SV authentication
  • Track & Trace
  • Custom apps
  • Remote / local controls
  • Security and access rights

Line / site transfer, Data management

  • Data recording
  • Organization
  • Secure transfers
  • Monitoring of operations
  • Reports, dashboards

Advanced Track & Trace relies on its proven software suite that is regularly enriched with customer specifics and contexts to draft specifications and implement Track & Trace applications.

ATT’s IT services adapt this software base to specific needs and develop tailor-made software and applications such as dedicated web services, local management of remote sites, retail applications, etc.


Variability: a strategic issue

The identification of products and their traceability have become major issues for brands wishing to improve their consumer communication and fight against illegal practices. The printing of variable data offers an infinite field of simple and effective answers: unit identification, total traceability, consumer information …


Developed by Advanced Track & Trace®, leader in serialization, the Vary.ID® platform opens the doors of variable printing to printers and their ordering customers and offers them a wide range of private and public codes and graphic elements designed to meet the needs of brands.


Transparent in printing processes, ATT’s Vary.ID® platform is the most direct service to integrate simple, correlated or multi-layered variable elements into digital flows.

Vary.ID allows you to easily manage the 5 stages of variable printing:

  • Define: ID models, graphic design (original or existing creation), positioning, labeling, packaging, others.
  • Create: choice of variables and organization (serial number, batch, type of product, destination, etc.), integration and correlation of variables.
  • Optimize: optimization according to the printing / marking process: imposition, amalgamation if full digital, or online depending on the process.
  • Generate: generation of « Ready to Print » files or downloads, in secure web service or locally.
  • Manage: management of IDs and their traceability on ATT servers (secure hosting) and / or clients.

The Track and Trace software

With the ID Packline® solution, a Track & Trace solution that ensures the Product-carton-pallet (grouping) affiliation online, ATT provides a solution adapted to fully automated high-speed factories as well as to small units.


Give your products a digital identity

Create the identity card of your products, and associate them with a unit serial number. With ID Pack Line®, generate sheets summarizing the main characteristics of your products and associate each of these products with a unit serial number, allowing it to be tracked precisely to the end consumer.


Record and control all your production

For each production order, define a product, a packaging method and a recipient. The affiliation of each product to its box and its pallet allows full and detailed control of the products intended for shipping or storage.


ID Pack Line® allows you to import all upstream traceability information from the main production management software, for full traceability.


Detect and deter parallel markets

By scanning the code of products, 2D or others, access their entire history and descriptive sheet, anywhere in the world: composition, production date, packaging, recipient … By identifying each product, highlight and dissuade practices illicit: parallel markets, smuggling, diversion …


Activate the consumer

ID.Packline® has an integrated tool allowing you to create and manage the information you wish to communicate to consumers yourself: generate internet pages, allow consumers to verify the origin and identity of their products, and provide them with exclusive promotional content.


The advanced field control application

ATT private codes, like public codes, can be read and controlled via smartphones and a private application, with management of access rights by brand owners and management of revocations.

Personalized interfaces make it possible to deliver the targeted information to the different users, each having access to the data relevant to him. This access is entirely configurable.

Configurable alerts can also be activated according to uses and needs.

The interfaces offered can combine operations linked to the desired objectives such as: geolocation, images taken, prerequisite fields to be completed, automatic consistency of identifications, displays, alarms, etc.

All operations are tracked, by user, with full activity reports of readings and checks performed.

Vector Mobile is a dedicated tool for brand owners, customizable according to business lines, objectives and strategies.


Secure data management and transfer software

The Hub2Track® software is an essential link in ATT’s Track & Trace suite.

It ensures the secure transfer of all data related to a Track & Trace application, from the collection of data from marking and reading devices, multi-production and multi-site transfers, to ATT servers and / or brand owners.

Hub2Track® organizes and consolidates data, ensures transfers with high security, makes it possible to trace remote operations, to record and follow them, and to set up reports and dashborads to ensure complete visibility on all operations of a Track & Trace application.

Hub2Track® can communicate with existing customer systems, ERP or others.

ATT’s solution: an end-to-end value chain