S3P Program

The Advanced Track & Trace® Security Printing Performance Partner – S3P Certification – enables certified printers, converters and manufacturers of printing and marking systems to integrate Advanced Track & Trace® technologies and solutions.
S3P Partners are certified for their ability to integrate and provide advanced identification, authentication and traceability technologies to their customers.

They benefit from regular training, tests, trials, advanced solutions and Advanced Track & Trace® expertise in mastering variable identifications and their integration into security printing.

S3P Partners have the opportunity to offer their customers the best identification, authentication and traceability technologies, optimize the management and integration of variable data in their productions and benefit from the value and legitimacy of Advanced Track & Trace® solutions.


Integrators : printers, converters

More than 150 integrators around the world, in all areas (Western and Eastern Europe, US, India, Asia, China, Amsud, integrate ATT solutions for their customers. Production and quality monitoring, transmissions, traceability, garantees to the customer the proper integration of codes and security.


Manufacturers : printing and marking systems

Most of the major printing and marking system manufacturers, with most of the processes, are qualified to process and produce ATT solutions.

Closer partnerships have made it possible to optimize certain aspects of printing or marking, in particular the increase in speeds, quality and cost optimization.

If you are interested in the S3P program,
we invite you to contact us at: contact@att-fr.com