Avanced Track & Trace

ATT is a provider of security and trust.


Driven market leader in Brand protection and security and data protection, for more than 15 years ATT has provided solutions and services for secure identification, traceability and authentication to its customers: governments, large global groups, security printers, SMEs, international institutions, etc.
World leader in PUF (Physical Unclonable Functions) and Security by Design technology deployments, we focus on providing high value anti-counterfeiting and secure traceability solutions to high growth markets.


We are dedicated to our customers and their success.


ATT's Excellence

ATT excellence is an unwavering commitment to our clients. We serve them in a spirit of partnership and mutual trust, respecting confidentiality, by offering solutions that anticipate and respond to their needs. Each of our actions is geared towards the success of our customers, accelerating the possibilities – together. ATT provides its solutions with the confidence of a world leader, the speed of a start-up and an unwavering dedication to customer relations.

Company Information

Advanced Track and Trace is a recognized technology and business leader in the field of security, authentication, identification and traceability.

  • French company, created in 2003,
  • Based in Rueil-Malmaison (Paris, France),
  • A company of experts,
  • 100 patents in more than 50 countries,
  • Subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Shanghai in China with a local team,
  • Subsidiary of the French group Lamy –Energie. Environment.


A full range of solutions:

  • Brand Protection,
  • Serialization,
  • Track & Trace,
  • Packaging intelligence,
  • Documentary security,
  • Industrial engineering,
  • Engineering and IT services.

Confidentiality and discretion
ATT places confidentiality and trust at the heart of its values, and commits to its customers the greatest security and confidentiality on the applications and solutions implemented.

Some References

Advanced Track and Trace counts among its customers major world leaders, whose products are particularly exposed in globalized markets.
ATT is proud that its customers demonstrate their trust in the company over the long term, with an average customer relationship of over 10 years.

Advanced Track and Trace counts among its customers major world leaders, whose products are particularly exposed in globalized markets.


Brand Protection & Anti-counterfeiting :

  • World leaders: perfumes and cosmetics, luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, wines and spirits, consumer food, electronic equipment,….
  • Some of the most prestigious brands: luxury, fine wines, watchmaking, …
  • Professional unions.

Documentary security :

  • Governments in Europe, Africa, Asia,
  • Institutions: banks, national printing houses.

In total, more than 300 customers in very different professions trust ATT.


Research & Development

Leader in the development, integration and use of digital technologies, PUFs (Physical Unclonable Functions) and « Security by Design » ATT pursues its R&D towards the continuous improvement of its technologies and their applications, in a constant strategy of physical-digital association in the context of the digitization of society and of all human activities.


R&D collaboration

ATT is engaged in several collaborative R&D programs on topics related to its activities with partners who provide areas for progress, industrial openings or new markets.

Some examples of themes:

  • Core: protection and security of the global supply chain and reduction of vulnerability to disruptions,
  • Atelyn: unitary hybrid longitudinal traceability,
  • C²igne: Content & Container Signature / authenticity and traceability of products via their chemical signature.

Certifications, Norms, Standards

Institutional Partners, Industry Alliances, Associations