Tax Stamps

Traceability and safety of products subject to taxes: wether tobacco, alcohol, and others, ATT Trace Tax® suite from ATT covers all aspects of a deployment of a tax stamp application, from the generation of identifications, to production management, parentage, supply chain monitoring and controls, as well as database management.

Based on ATT’s Track & Trace software suite, proven with the largest global groups, and on Brand Protection technologies adapted to tax stamps, the ATT offering is modular and adapts to local contexts and collaborations, both in terms of printing and of IT.

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ATT Trace Tax®

A modular suite for generating tax stamps, printing, monitoring and management adapted to all contexts and collaborations, with local security printing companies and / or IT integrators.

The ATT Trace Tax® suite is the ideal system for tax stamp applications, it adapts to all contexts in a simple and non-intrusive way. The system is completely customizable according to the local context, needs, issues and special requirements. ATT operates directly or with the support of local integrators and printers or those appointed by local authorities. ATT provides the appropriate training on site for operational staff and local managers. Support, maintenance, upgrades and training follow-ups are provided regularly according to needs.

ATT Trace Tax® : the benefits

  • A tailor-made system based on proven and validated modules,
  • Complete monitoring, from production to collection of rights, simple, reliable and secure, 
  • secure and easy to operate tools and indicators,
  • A turnkey deployment, quick, simple, non-intrusive,
  • Interoperable with existing manufacturer equipments and operations,
  • Adaptable to local contexts and equipment: conventional printing, rework, full digital,
  • Scalable options:
    – secure direct marking for certain industries (drinks),
    – enforcement strategies.
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ATT Trace Tax® : agile and flexible

The ATT Trace Tax® suite  is flexible and allows different systems to be managed, such as  systems based on physical stamps printed by a national printing house, a local printer, a delocalized printing. 

The Trace Tax® suite manages all operations including secure high-speed online markings and filiation, this data then being integrated into the management suite.

The ATT Trace Tax® suite can easily be integrated and operated by a local operator.

ATT Trace Tax® makes it possible to build a system of tax stamps in complete independence, modular and scalable, adapted to the local context, with a proven and experienced organization.

ATT Trace tax®  allows you to:

  • Maximize tax revenues and protect them,
  • Eliminate tax leakage and fraud, illicit businesses and counterfeiting,
  • Strengthen the local economy and protect it,
  • Monitor the networks and supply chains of products subject to excise duties,
  • Manage controls and verifications,
  • Benefit from clear and efficient reporting dashboards.

With ATT Trace Tax® benefit from cutting-edge solutions, and ensure a simple, non-intrusive deployment – without disrupting local industry processes – efficient and profitable. Master your governance and adapt the system to your context.
The ATT Trace Tax® suite complies with the WHO FCTC Protocol and the European Directive on the traceability of tobacco products.

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The ATT Trace Tax® system for the management of revenues and excise duties and tax stamps can be operated directly end-to-end by ATT, or in a modular fashion. It is interoperable with other systems, in collaboration with existing suppliers and equipment, local printers and IT integrators. It allows local authorities to take and maintain control of all operations and sensitive data.

The deployment can be self-financed on a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model.

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  • Trace Tax® « full digital » option: variability without rework, -without security consumables- (holograms, inks, tags, special papers, ..).
  • Trace Tax® option CEV (Visible Electronic Stamp).