Protecting Identities

The reliability of official documents which allow a natural person to prove his essential identity; it is the guarantee of the confidence given to it by state agents and citizens. Passports, visas, driving licenses or various cards, an identity document must be able to be checked in a reliable, fast and simple way by the authorities. 

In 2019, it was estimated that nearly 1.1 billion humans on the planet (or one in seven people) did not yet have official identity papers, which makes written agreements, votes, online purchases, subscription telephone calls and access to public services much more difficult.

ATT’s SealCrypt® code has been designed to meet this need in a simple and economical manner and in a way that guarantees its holder the right to protect his identity and to use it under his control.


The 2D Phygital code

The SealCrypt ® 2D code is a robust and economical security « data container » code intended to guarantee the integrity of the data and information it contains and to prevent manipulation, transformation and counterfeiting.

It helps prevent fraud on documents, whether paper or digital.

The high density structure of the SealCrypt ® code makes it possible to store a large amount of information, administrative data, other data, photo, template,….

The code is tamper-proof and can be read locally without access to a database with any smartphone on the market.

The SealCrypt ® code uses a light infrastructure and offers a high level of security thanks to public key cryptography, it can integrate a certified signature which guarantees the identification of the issuing body and the integrity of the data.

The code allows, where appropriate a « scalability » with the ease of adding a photo or a biometric level by fully disconnected facial recognition authentication, without the need to access a remote server or a centralized database.

The SealCrypt ® code is 100% compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), the private data of the user-holder is entered in the code only and remains under its exclusive control (in accordance with the XP CEV Z42 standard -105).

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The data container code

The SealCrypt® code, a real secure data container with instant access by smartphone, allows the integrity of a document to be verified.

It is generated automatically by software when a document is issued.

It can be placed in any edit-printing workflow.

The code contains strategic data.

Its proofreading is done locally by a smartphone, a tablet, a scanner and does not require any access to a remote database, everything is in the code.

Once the code has been scanned, the screen immediately displays the original data.

Automatic matching can be performed.

The SealCrypt® code is used to protect identity documents, visas, permits, voter cards,….

SealCrypt has been deployed for more than 5 years in different countries: in the European Union, in Asia, in South America and shows its effectiveness every day. SealCrypt® makes it possible to verify the integrity and consistency of the variable visual information visible with the encrypted information.It also allows additional information to be loaded for authorized confidential consultations.

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Secure memory and storage, with local offline reading

The SealCrypt ® code is an ATT patented technology. It is a secure data container:

  • easy to print: from office printer to high definition laser,
  • easy to operate; offline, locally via a smartphone
  • with light infrastructures, with or without databases,
  • Safe and secure,
  • very competitively priced: no additional consumables. Easy to generate, easy to print, easy to operate.

It is used for a wide variety of applications, with a very high level of security, in integrity control, visual or biometric recognition applications, for example.