Since 2010, Advanced Track & Trace® authentication technologies have been tested in the field of banknotes.

In 2015, for the first time, a range of banknotes embedding ATT’s [email protected]® technology in collaboration with Banque de France was put into circulation, with “Security by Design” technology, breaking with the exclusive use of traditional physical solutions.

Since then, this technology has been included in other denominations, and its integration into banknote manufacturing processes has been optimized. In 2020, the “[email protected]®” technology is embedded in a wide range of banknotes.


For banknotes

Advanced Track & Trace® has developed [email protected]® technology, a non-visible authentication code hidden in the decorations of the banknote, allowing immediate and unequivocal authentication, automatically. 

In 2015, after more than 5 years of tests and integration work in banknote printing processes, for the first time, a digital authentication technology – Physical function unclonable – Security by design – was deployed on banknotes in circulation.

In collaboration with the Banque de France, the industrial integration and quality control processes have been optimized and several deployments on large volume notes are underway.

The [email protected]® brand is an ATT-Banque de France co-branding.

Tamper-proof and multifaceted

ATT’s [email protected]® solution can be integrated very simply into the banknotes, even during their lifetime, without modifying the visuals and processes and therefore increase safety and facilitate controls without compromising existing systems and production organizations.
[email protected]® can be declined in different shapes, positions, surfaces.


The code can be hidden, invisible, in the printing frame of a decoration of the ticket. It can be placed in several places of the decor.

[email protected]® has shown remarkable robustness, the sign can be used on banknotes with a high level of aging, beyond the generally accepted levels

ATT provides declined solutions, by printing, intaglio and customization of optical elements:

  • SealNote ®
  • SealTaglio ®

Easy to control

The [email protected]® code can be verified in the field via a smartphone and a dedicated application and in the central bank on dedicated control stations.

ATT and the Banque de France are working together to develop a low-cost field reader able to verify the [email protected]® sign and several other securities (security inks).

Without consumables

The [email protected]® code does not require any additional consumables, it is integrated into the design of the ticket and is printed transparently in the normal printing process.

If necessary, it can be combined with other layers of security.