It is essential for states, institutions and businesses to protect all types of documents or systems from manipulation and fraud, and to guarantee the integrity of original data or information.

The SealCrypt® secure data container is the ideal solution for securing: vehicle license plates and stickers, insurance certificates, diplomas, cadastral certificates, identification badges, ticketing, contracts, Fiduciary documents, desktop publishing, transport and transfert orders …

SealCrypt® makes it possible more generally to secure and protect all applications requiring confidentiality, security, simple and rapid implementation and simple operation without a database.

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Simple and secure document integrity

The SealCrypt® code  is an ATT patented technology. It is a secure data container:

  • Easy to print: from office printer to high definition laser,
  • Easy to operate; offline, locally via a smartphone
  • With light infrastructures, with or without databases,
  • Safe and secure,
  • Very competitively priced: no additional consumables. Easy to generate, easy to print, easy to operate.

SealCrypt is used for a wide variety of applications, with a very high level of security, in integrity control, visual or biometric recognition applications, for example.

Beyond applications in the field of identity, it is used in various countries for:

  • Secure vehicle registration plates,
  • Secure car stickers,
  • Secure insurance certificates,
  • Secure professional cards.

Its simplicity of implementation (in Saas or local software) and of operation (smartphone) combined with its flexibility open up a vast field for different applications.




SealCrypt® and dematerialization

The SealCrypt® code is also a tool for dematerializing and securing digital documents.

It makes it possible to carry an electronic signature on a physical document in complete security, giving probative value to a document.

SealCrypt® also gives probative value to data:

  • integrity of document’s data,
  • Issuer signature,
  • Server signature,
  • Timestamp,
  • Issuer certificate,
  • Reading locally, without access to a database.

The decryption of SealCrypt® can be done with a public key or a private key according to the needs of the document sender.