Documents Security

Banknotes, tax stamps, identity documents and valuable or sensitive documents, Advanced Track & Trace® has for several years successfully developed its activity in the field of document security.
Its innovative technologies have found numerous applications with a very high level of security, based on its know-how in issuing public codes and designing private codes. ATT has developed breakthrough technologies for authentication and identification, protection of valuable or sensitive documents, protection of data integrity and encoding of confidential information to ensure the security of people and documents.



Advanced Track & Trace® has developed and provides strong digital authentication solutions, embedded for the first time directly, through printing, on banknotes in circulation.


Tax Stamps

ATT TraceTax® solution , a modular and flexible suite, covers all the needs for deploying a tax stamp application, from the secure generation of identifications to field verification and database management.


Identities Protection

The solutions developed by ATT contribute to the security of governments and citizens, allowing authorities to control the authenticity and integrity of identities and travel documents in a simple, fast and secure manner.



ATT’s authentication and identification solutions are integrated into numerous applications to protect data integrity and encoding confidential information for businesses, institutions and governments.

Design and code development for document security

Advanced Track & Trace® designs and develops security codes based on its know-how and its experience with Security by Design’s PUFs (Physical Unclonable Functions).

In the field of document security, ATT developed the SealCrypt® code , a high-capacity phygital container code that provides secure memory and storage with offline operation, without the need for access to a database:

  • Easy to print, from office printer to high definition laser,
  • Easy to operate; offline, locally via a smartphone
  • With light infrastructures, locally or webservice, with or without databases,

The SealCrypt® code is an ATT patented technology. It is used for applications of a very high level of security, in integrity control applications, such as visual or biometric recognition for example.


In the field of banknotes and value documents (tax stamp), ATT has built on its strong authentication tracer code Seal Vector® and developed the Sealgn@ture® technology for the banknote industry. Sealgn@ture can be associated with Seal Vector into the Seal Tile® code , and directly integrated into variable printing rasters.

Complete or modular tailored-made solutions


  • Audit
  • Specifications
  • Studies
  • Solutions developement
  • Customer internalization

Data Management

gestion des données
  • Serialization, ID generation
  • Integration
  • Adaptation
  • Supervision
  • Hosting

Industrial Integration

Intégration industrielle
  • On-site installations
  • Marking-reading pairs, automatisms
  • Registration, sponsorship, Track & Trace
  • Training, support, maintenance

Field Controls

controles de terrain
  • Remote control tools
  • Transmission security
  • Web service check
  • Real time responses
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Monitoring Platforms

Plateformes de monitoring
  • Alarms
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard
  • Services
  • Arificial intelligence


Advanced Track & Trace® has been a pioneer in the development of Brand Protection and has successfully developed its activity in the field of document security. Its solutions, proven for more than 15 years in Brand Protection, are now associated with new solutions and new technologies specially targeted for document security.


The markets addressed to date are:

  • Authentication of banknotes, and peripheral applications linked to banknotes,
  • Modular or end-to-end stamp-tax applications,
  • Security and identity verification applications, with or without biometrics such as identity cards, driving licenses, voter cards, resident cards, vehicle registration cards self-associated with license plates, etc.
  • All applications requiring integrity of data, physical or digital.

The SealCrypt code can be associated with the Seal Vector® authenticating tracer.