Digital IDs

Your product becomes a new gateway to the consumer and a source of value from the consumer.


Advanced Track & Trace® brings you the possibility of transforming your products into new vectors of communication with your customers, your network and with the consumer. Your physical products enter the digital world with complete and proven solutions:

  • Give a unique, variable, traceable, forgery-free and intuitive digital identity to your products.
  • Control your supply chain by detecting anomalies and illegal practices.
  • Retain your customers by informing and securing them.
  • Set up new marketing channels.
  • Obtain real-time and targeted information on the market and on your customers.
  • Manage your data flows in a simple way, in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ATT operates as a Variable Data Provider and provides security and traceability in the management of your variable data.


Variability and digital:
strategic challenges for Brands


Product identification, identity and traceability have become major issues for Brands wishing to improve their communication to consumers, improve customer feedback and market knowledge and fight against illegal practices.

Variable data printing offers an infinite field of simple and effective responses: unit identification, Track & Trace, multi-variable solutions, multi-layer solutions …  Developed by Advanced Track & Trace®, expert in serialization, the Vary.ID® software platform opens the doors of variable printing to brands and printers, and offers a wide range of combinations of public codes in different forms and variations, of private codes and associated variable graphic elements, all designed to meet the needs of new trends in customer relationship.

Vary.ID® facilitates and optimizes the variable printing and marking processes, allows them to be mastered and monitored. As SaaS or internalized, it is the most direct service to integrate, in a safe and traceable way, variable elements in digital flows.

How to create a digital identity for your products?

ATT operates as a Variable Data Provider and provides its customers with a code generation platform (QR code, data matrix, 1D, 2D, private codes, PUF, etc.) as well as variable, single or multiple optical elements, associated, visible and / or not visible, used as a SaaS or internalized web service, to centralize variable data emissions, for a brand or in a multi-brand group for example.


Types and models of codes, graphic design (existing or original creation), positioning …, for labeling, packaging, others.


Choice of variables and organization (serial number, type of product, destination, etc.), integration and correlation of variables, management of layers, jobs, series, etc.


Optimization according to the printing process – marking: imposition, amalgamation in full digital, or online depending on the process, management of covers …


Generation of « Ready to Print » files, downloads, as a secured & tracked web service, or locally.


Management of Identifications, traceability and backup of upstream and downstream operations, transfers to client servers.