Brand Trust

At a time when consumers have access to an increasingly vast choice of products, to an avalanche of messages and to increasingly granular price ranges, the trust that the customer places, or not, in a brand becomes a critical issue as a confident customer will be more loyal, or may even become an ambassador for your Brand and your products.

In addition to the objective elements, confidence in the brand and its image is also based on subjective criteria that must be demonstrated and regularly reinforced with consumers: desire, need, service, attention, communication, security, reliability, personalization, special offers.

Advanced Track and Trace® tools gives you the opportunity to build customer loyalty, cultivate and enrich your Brands, and increase your sales by developing consumer confidence through greater control, security, personalization and interaction.

Advanced Track and Trace® offers you simple and flexible solutions to create new interactive communication channels to and from the consumer, retain your customers and secure your products.

ATT solutions make it possible to strengthen the confidence that consumers place in a brand:

  • A unitary digital identity allowing direct interaction with the Brand,
  • The assurance of the authenticity of the product acquired.
  • A reinforced, reliable and reassuring interaction.
  • Personalized information.
Brand trust schema2x

Brand Trust: trust in the brand also means strengthening the distribution network and retail.

Distributors and points of sale play an essential role in a product’s value chain. On competitive marketplaces, brands have to facilitate and secure the operations of distributors and transform retailers into ambassadors and influencers by establishing a closer and more interactive relationship with them.
ATT’s digital identifiers and management tools allow you to provide more information to your distributors and retailers, to develop their attachment to the Brand, and organize actions to stimulate quality and sales.