Activate Consumer

Thanks to Advanced Track & Trace®’s codes, technologies and solutions, give your customer relationship a new dimension. ATT brings your products into the digital world with flexibility, adaptability and evolutivity.

ATT solutions are agnostic, and work equally well with QR codes, 2D codes, 1D codes, RFID tags, or by combining these codifications with private codes and variable visual elements that interest and reassure the consumer. The consumer who buys a product validates an offer and places his trust in a brand. Thanks to ATT’s tools, it is now possible to build on this founding act and establish a privileged relationship with the customer. ATT technologies and solutions make it possible to build on this act of trust and develop the customer relationship as close as possible to the user. 

With increasing return and completion rates, these consumer activation tools are proving to be more cost-effective and targeted than traditional communication vehicles. They are also complementary. Advanced Track and Trace® ensures the correct integration of codifications on all types of packaging and guarantees their subsequent exploitation in order to allow optimal utilization by the end-user and a flawless consumer experience. A specialist in authentication, Track & Trace and anti-counterfeiting, ATT also provides you with the assurance of flawless security and reliability.

Simplify your customers' engagement!

  • One code per product: access by simple smartphone scan.
  • Dynamic links that allow you to renew your online content according to your needs and your strategy.
  • Make the connection with your social networks.
  • Geolocated feedback in real time.
  • Develop your analytical business intelligence.
  • Gather big data from social profiles and more.
  • Think of your marketing over time and make it locally relevant.
  • Give your sales force unique user data.
  • Compatible with all packaging and printing processes.

Secure your customers' commitment!

  • Thanks to ATT technologies and solutions, you guarantee your customers a secure relationship and you protect them from online fraud such as identity theft or phishing.
  • Secure feedback from your customers in real time.
  • ATT gives you the best tools and solutions to build your strategy and collaborates with your communication agencies.

Unleash your imagination!

  • Associate a mobile website, a video, a link to your social networks or tutorials with each QR code in order to inform consumers about their product, its origin, its composition, and possible associated purchases.
  • Thanks to dynamic solutions, personalize your communication according to an event: Christmas, Chinese New Year, Black Friday, …
  • Personalize your communication according to a region, a particular customer thanks to the unit identification of the products,
  • Offer contests, promotions, coupons, product alerts, votes, feedback, …
  • Track the impact of your campaigns in real time, while following GDPR standards.

With the ID Packline® software solution, a Track & Trace solution that ensures the Product-Carton-Pallet relationship online, ATT provides a solution suitable for small units as well as for fully automated high-speed factories.

ID PacKline® can manage markings (ink jet or laser), pre-printed packaging or labels (see Vary ID®), performs online proofreading with quality-compliance checks, real-time aggregation-filiation, communications with ERP, order preparations and shipments. 

ID.PackLine® ensures the feedback of readings in the supply chain and in the field and allows you to manage your messages and your communication according to targets, uses and strategies. ID.PackLine® integrates seamlessly into your marketing flow and existing systems.
ID.Packline® has an integrated tool allowing you to create and manage yourself the information you wish to communicate to the consumer.