Product Digitalization

Digitize your products: bring your products and customers into the digital world! Give your products unique, secure, intuitive, scalable digital identities and make them communicate.
Strengthen Brand Trust and Brand Loyalty, follow all the parameters of the relationship with your customers and with the market, ensure the safety and authenticity of your products, have complete control over your distribution chain.
ATT’s Product Experience chain provides you withe the support you need, from the generation of codes, their integration, their registration on your production lines, their monitoring in the supply chain, the operation by the consumer, to the management of all traceability, CRM and security.

digital ID

Digital IDs

Bring your brands and customers into the digital world by giving your products a unique, secure, scalable and intuitive digital identifier.

Find out how ATT, specialist in serialization and Track & Trace, brings your products into the digital world and allows you to interact with them throughout the supply chain to the consumer.

Brand Trust

Retain your customers, cultivate and enrich your Brands, and increase your sales by developing confidence in your Brand through more control, security and interaction.

Discover how ATT solutions help you create new communication channels, retain your customers and secure your products.

activate consumer

Activate Consumer

Develop the engagement of your customers by connecting your packaging, your products, your marketing and transforming them into new media.

Make your products smarter and more interactive, and discover how ATT helps you increase your sales creating a new channel of direct exchange with your customers.

ATT: your "one stop shop"

« We did not want to take the risk of assembling different bricks provided by several suppliers. ATT provided us with the complete set of the integration chain: code generation platform, industrial integration at our printers and suppliers, integration on our lines with parentage management, monitoring and operating systems, securing of internalized data, a coherent, secure and reliable complete system ». *

* Mr Christophe Mongeot – Production manager – Château Minuty, Premier Grand Cru de Provence, in Gassin, France.

An unparalleled Expertise:
code generation, industrial integration, exploitation

ATT, an international leader in security and traceability, provides its customers with incomparable experience in integrating unit traceability solutions into their processes. In addition, ATT personalizes data monitoring, exploitation and management solutions according to the strategies and demands of the brands owners.

ATT is an authorized issuer of codes certified by AIM Global US (Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility) and complies with the procedures and obligations for creating unique identifiers in order to ensure full compatibility between the different identities in accordance with the standard. ISO 15459.