Expertise and Solutions

ATT: a technology pioneer

Incomparable technologies:

  • Authentication by Design,
  • Unclonable physical functions – PUF
  • Multifunctional identifications,
  • Secure Track & Trace,
  • Public and private serialization,
  • Security by Design,
  • Data containers.

Technology Pioneer


Technology Pioneer, World Economic Forum, Davos.

“… For its involvement in the development of life-changing technology innovation, having the potential for long-term impact on business and society. In addition, demonstrate a visionary leadership and show all the signs of being a long-standing market leader. ”

ATT develops and advances its technologies and solutions

with the permanent concern to ensure:
  • their robustness and durability,
  •  their interoperability,
  • total independence.

Requiring no additional consumables, ATT solutions offer an unparalleled cost-performance ratio.

For over 15 years, ATT integrates technologies and provides services to industrial engineering and engineering and IT services to Marks and world leaders groups to meet the needs Brand Protection to serialization of Track & Trace to Packaging intelligence and document security.


  • Immediate strong authentication,
  • Public and private serialization,
  • Anti-counterfeiting, fraud detection,
  • Unit traceability, Track & Trace,
  • Integrity of products, documents, data,
  • Industrial engineering: integration on sites, special machines, write-read pairs,
  • Control of the supply chain and retail,
  • Supplier monitoring and quality,
  • Consumer engagement tools,
  • IT services, tailor-made developments.



SEAL Vector®

SEAL Track®

SEAL Tile®



CQR Scan®

Token Vector®


Seal Stamp®

Codes Publics

Private tracer for authentication & identification.

Private tracer for authentication & identification.

Stealth tracer for identification.

Banknote authenticating tracer.

Public QR code authenticator.

Integrated solution + authenticating QR code.

Encrypted alphanumeric code.

Secure data container.

Stealthy data container.

All public codes, public / private associations, marketing codes (colors, visuals, etc.).

Two flagship solutions:


The Seal Vector® code is an ATT patented tamper-proof authenticating code. It has three functions:

  • Allow a Trademark to affix a sign attesting to its ownership on any object or graphic representation, in digital or physical form,
  • Provide proof of the modification of a physical or digital image,
  • Provide proof of illegal copying of a two-dimensional physical object.

Each Seal Vector®, in addition to its copy detection functions, carries a unique identity that allows it to be traced and allows upstream production operations to be traced too.

  • The identifiers and authenticators can be integrated in complete security at the suppliers of components, of packaging, the operations of integration are followed and traced. The same is true for subcontractors and on production lines.
  • The solutions are used in the field, remotely, by simply reading them by smartphone or other dedicated readers.
  • The Seal Vector® code can be integrated on all media: coated flat cardboard, PET, labels, metal, ABS, etc. by all printing and marking processes: ink jet, laser, offset, gravure, flexo, heat transfer,….
  • The Seal Vector® code is compatible with most industry standards.

Un traceur authentifiant unique sur le marché:

  • Proven and Safe: Integrated into billions of products every year, used in the world of banknotes for several years, the Seal Vector® offers the highest level of security and is used as legal proof in several countries.
  • Eco-environmental impact: does not require any consumable. Printed, it uses the current consumables; marked, it is integrated by simple laser abrasion, and thus has no impact on the environmental balance of the product.
  • Discreet: measuring from a few microns to a few mm², the Seal Vector® adapts to all sizes and all types of products and packaging, it can be hidden in a print background, a logo, etc.
  • Competitive and easy to use: compatible with existing equipment, easy to integrate and use, it allows reading in the field by simple smartphone without access to a database.

The SealCrypt ® 2D code  is a robust and economical security « data container » code intended to guarantee the integrity of the data and information it contains and to prevent manipulation, transformation and counterfeiting. It helps prevent fraud on documents, whether paper or digital.

  • It is generated automatically by software when a document is issued.
  • It can be placed in any edit-printing workflow.
  • The code contains strategic data.
  • Its proofreading is done locally by a smartphone, a tablet, a scanner
  • It doesn’t require any access to a remote database, it’s all in the code.
  • Once the code has been scanned, the screen immediately displays the original data.
  • Automatic matching can be performed.

The high density structure of the SealCrypt® code makes it possible to store a large amount of information, administrative data and other data such as photos, templates, etc.

The code is tamper-proof and can be read locally without access to a database with any smartphone on the market. The SealCrypt® code uses  a light infrastructure and offers a high level of security thanks to public key cryptography, it can integrate a certified signature which guarantees the identification of the issuing body and the integrity of the data. The code allows, where appropriate a « scalability » with the ease of adding a photo or a biometric level by fully disconnected facial recognition authentication, without the need to access a remote server or a centralized database. SealCrypt® makes it possible to verify the integrity and consistency of the variable visual information visible with the encrypted information. It also makes it possible to embed additional information intended for authorized confidential consultations.

The SealCrypt® code is used to protect identity documents, for example visas, permits, voter cards. SealCrypt® has been deployed for more than 5 years in different countries: in the European Union, in Asia, in South America and shows its effectiveness every day.

The SealCrypt® code  is 100% compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), the private data of the user-holder is entered in the code only and remains under its exclusive control (in accordance with the XP CEV Z42 standard -105).