Industrial integration

Advanced Track & Trace® is a provider of security and trust.

Driven market leader in Brand protection, Brand security and data protection for more than 15 years, we have successfully delivered solutions and services for secure identification, traceability and authentication to our customers worldwide. A world leader in PUF technology deployments and Security by Design, we focus on providing high value anti-counterfeiting and secure traceability solutions to high growth markets.

Unparalleled expertise.

ATT is one of the historic players in the Brand Protection, Track & Trace, product safety and the fight against illegal practices market. 

ATT’s experience in strong authentication, anti-counterfeiting and secure traceability is enriched every day and enriches the services and solutions provided to customers. Advanced Track and Trace® counts among its customers major world leaders, whose products are particularly exposed in globalized markets. ATT is proud that its customers demonstrate their trust in the company over the long term, with an average customer relationship of over 10 years.

From unique works, to the most common or coveted consumer products, including the most sensitive documents such as banknotes, ATT has unparalleled experience in the industrial integration of security technologies. Whether it is hot or cold stamping, high speed printing or in difficult environments, integration on glass, metal, plastic, paper, cardboard, we have certainly already been confronted with your issue.

A global network of providers.

ATT rigorously selects its partners and works with them to ensure the highest level of reliability and quality possible.

Our partners are industry professionals experienced in complex installations on behalf of large groups on all continents. Trained and familiar with Advanced Track & Trace solutions, they are able to implement and integrate its solutions, under its control, in complete safety and with the best reliability.

Our network of certified printers has more than a hundred trusted partners on all continents. We are thus able to recommend you the service providers who will give you complete satisfaction.

We also provide training, integration and maintenance of our solutions with our customers’ usual service providers if they so desire. In this case, we support them and work with them in order to quickly achieve the highest quality standards in our technologies. Our experience allows us in these cases to be operational with our customers and their service providers with a very quick turnaround.

Robust and proven solutions.

ATT technologies and solutions are tested, deployed, proven everywhere and every day in the field, and are constantly enriched by proprietary patents. Our highly secure infrastructures respond to thousands of requests daily from our clients and consumers and provide them with the security and assurance they seek.

Confidentiality and discretion.

ATT places confidentiality and trust at the heart of its values, and ensures its customers the utmost confidentiality on the applications and solutions implemented.

Governments, large global groups, security printers, SMEs, international institutions trust us on a daily basis to support them in their security projects.

ATT’s Track and Trace: a complete end-to-end solution

ATT is an authorized issuer of codes certified by AIM Global US (Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility) and complies with the procedures and obligations for creating unique identifiers in order to ensure full compatibility between the different identities in accordance with the standard. ISO 15459.