Use Cases

You will regularly find on this page emblematic use cases of current issues in the market and the way in which Advanced Track & Trace and its customers have responded to them. From the design of strategies adapted to the problems encountered, to the different products, to the existing production processes, to the deployment and operation in the field, ATT’s expert engineers, with their decades of experience, build with their customers tailor-made, flexible and scalable projects, rapidly deployed at competitive costs.

Except in cases where the client wishes to make it public, all our use cases are anonymized in order to guarantee the confidentiality of the solutions and measures implemented.

ATT’s Sealgn@ture® technology integrated into banknotes in partnership with Banque de France.


ATT’s Security by Design PUF (Physical Unclonable Function) technology enters the banknote industry. Resulting from the collaboration between ATT and the Banque de France, Sealgn@ture is the first PUF technology integrated into banknotes in circulation.

After several years of robustness testing to counterfeiting and aging, in real conditions, it is gradually being extended to new banknotes in areas where they are particularly in demand and at very high volumes. Sealgn@ature is now fully integrated into the demanding processes of designing and manufacturing banknotes. The exploitation will gradually be opened to retail and shops via a new reader and then to the general public.

ATT traces and securises the wines of the Alliance des Crus Bourgeois in Medoc, Bordeaux.


ATT has been the Traceability-Safety-CRM partner of the Alliance des Crus Bourgeois du Médoc union for more than 9 years. 300 Médoc Châteaux benefit from ATT’s know-how and experience with the Titanium® sticker. This sticker is supplied to approved wineries, it is affixed to all bottles of Crus Bourgeois and ensures the traceability of their wines, the relationship with their distribution networks and the consumer, the advanced detection of fraud and protection against counterfeits.

It also allows the Syndicate to control the volumes put on the market.

ATT manages all operations, from the supply of stickers, the management of volumes placed on the market, to the use of sticker data on the market.

ATT protects the products of a pharmaceutical industry worldwide leader.


ATT protects the sensitive drugs of a world leader in the pharmaceutical industry in all of its risk areas around the world. Counterfeiting, reuse, overproduction and other illicit practices, ATT solutions are applied to various products in factories located in targeted areas. ATT supplies an end-to-end solution combining authentication and variable data to ensure a worldwide coverage of fraud detection and counterfeit monitoring, via a fleet of smartphones and a single application used by internal laboratory services. Reports combining feedback from the field and artificial intelligence make it possible to follow the evolution and the different origins of counterfeits.

ATT protects and traces Champagne wines with the syndicate of winegrowers.


Manufactured by approved capsuliers who integrate authentication and unitary identification on their production sites, the Cloé® cap, the first connected cap for sparkling wines, is distributed to Champagne wineries by the SGV. It accompanies the bottles placed on the market, thus ensuring the unit traceability and authentication of each bottle produced and distributed. QR codes that can be activated before and after purchase create a privileged link, stimulate and enrich the relationship with the consumer.

ID Packline allows wineries to ensure a complete Track & Trace and manage CRM. Traceability, authentication, CRM and security, Cloé® is the ideal tool to protect and promote Champagne wines.

A famous Burgundy winehouse trusts ATT’s technologies.


A famous Burgundy winehouse trusts ATT to monitor and protect its wines throughout the supply chain to the cellar and tasting.

Grape to Glass: unitary marking of the glass upstream for the « tiré-bouché », association with authenticators and unit identifiers at the time of dressing, management via ID PackLine, the power of ATT solutions in wines and spirits makes it possible to meet the needs of this large house to control the life of its products and establish a chain of trust with its promoters, distributors and customers. “We wanted to raise the quality of our distribution chain and bring it up to the level of the globally recognized quality of our products. The challenge has been taken up with ATT” (HG Production Manager).

ATT traces and secures products of a luxury industry global leader.


Companies in the luxury sector have a very strong brand image and are among the most targeted by counterfeiters. ATT authenticates and traces the products of this prestigious house via the Seal Vector® tracer. Each piece bears its individual identity encrypted, inviolable and tamper-proof.

ATT also provides the central platform for internal traceability and Track & Trace associating suppliers, subcontractors, factories, logistics and retail. At all times, the Brand has a detailed view of a product’s journey, from its presence at the point of sale, going back to its component and material suppliers thanks to the internalized ID PackLine platform.

The second-hand market is also better monitored and controlled.

ATT protects and identifies the products of a chemistry industry global leader.


ATT ensured the design and complete engineering of the system and its worldwide deployment, from the Group’s headquarters, to the subcontractors, country subsidiaries, and distributors. The packaging is authenticated via the Seal Vector® tracer at the suppliers facility, serialized (unique number and QR code) by ink jet marking on the filling-packing lines. ATT manages and consolidates all data generated : code generation, integration, reading, aggregation, backup and operation in the field by the controllers, as well as the distribution network to the consumer, each having access to the information relevant to them through the association of private and public codes. All resulting in a very strong, simple and extremely efficient Track & Trace, consumer relations (information, loyalty), advanced detection of fraud and counterfeiting solution.

ATT protects from frauds & counterfeiting the products of a worldwide leader in the food industry.


ATT’s Seal Vector® authenticating tracer has been selected to protect products packaged in flexible flexo-printing packaging. Associated with a variable micro data matrix, the Seal Vector enables the group to ensure the detection of counterfeits, the advanced detection of fraud and to monitor products: parallel markets, cross-border trafficking, etc. Copies are instantly identified and recorded based on their origins. The ATT solution allows immediate remote authentication, and has been recognized as probative value by several courts in Asia, facilitating seizure, investigation and prosecution operations. ATT solutions adapt to production and field contexts.

ATT selected by a global paint leader in Asia


One of the top 3 paint company in Asia, has selected ATT technologies and solutions to protect its products, identify them and implement the tools to ensure an advanced user relationship. From serialization, integration of authenticators and variable identifiers on labels at subcontractors, to online aggregation and operation via smartphones in the field, ATT supplied the entire system, integrated into the existing infrastructures. Track & Trace and authentication are provided with several operating levels; the CRM (loyalty, user guides, promotion, etc.) was developed with a local partner specializing in CRM and Blockchain projects.

ATT authenticates and traces products of a perfumes & cosmetics worldwide leader.


A world leader in perfumes and cosmetics trusts ATT to authenticate its entire range of products in the field and to trace all packaging and labeling supplies around the world.

The Seal Vector solution is integrated into all printing processes: offset, flexo, digital, etc.

It enables the Group’s Brands to perform three essential functions:

1. affix a sign attesting to their ownership on the packaging,
2. identify each packaging element by a private code containing information,
3. distinguish the original legitimate sign from a reproduction.
The solution makes it possible to instantly and remotely detect counterfeiting and attempted fraud and to better control the upstream traceability of supplies.

ATT technologies selected by a wines & spirits wordwide leader.


Based on the Titanium solution, this achievement allows the Group to trace its products in the supply chain to the consumer and to detect anomalies (localization, counterfeiting, refilling, etc.). Each product is individually identified and traced using the Titanium stickers. These stickers are produced in several digital printing sites on several continents on common specifications. The printing sites are powered by the Ready to Print Vary ID platform. This organization makes it possible to have the same guarantee of the associated variable identifications and their consistency in controlled productions all over the world. A QR code makes it possible to ensure a link with the consumer – a product / a consumer – to offer reassurance checks, to animate and retain them.

A prestigious French perfumes brand launches a new fragrance with ATT.


To anticipate fraud attempts, detect possible counterfeits and have full control over its distribution channels, this great Watchmaking-Jewelery-Haute Couture brand has chosen ATT and its solutions for authentication and secure unit traceability.

The packaging is printed in digital full printing on HP printers, the various visible and non-visible codes are correlated and integrated in one pass via the files supplied in “Ready to Print” by the Vary ID platform. Upstream operations are recorded and traced, products can be controlled in the field using simple smartphones. A public code can also be interpreted by the end customer to access the Brand’s website, product information and a loyalty process.

A high-end italian cosmetics brand selects ATT


An Italian brand of high-end specialty cosmetics trusts ATT. Faced with numerous illicit practices of misappropriation, parallel markets and counterfeiting, this Brand has integrated ATT solutions.

The packaging and labels are printed in digital full printing on HP printers. The authentication codes and private unit tracers are invisible, they are integrated into the printing design in the same printing operation. The print files are supplied to the “Ready to Print” printer by the Vary ID platform. The printer has no variables and no security elements to manage. The products are controlled in the field via smartphones and access rights.

ATT secures vehicles licence plates in Niger


Combining patented anti-counterfeiting physical devices with proprietary digital seals with asymmetric keys, ATT enables the Nigerien government to secure and control the fleet thanks to encrypted personalization elements that are easy to integrate and use. When creating or renewing the license plate, the vehicle and owner identification data is centralized and then encrypted in a code printed on a high security sticker placed on the plate. Field checks are carried out using a smartphone, whether or not connected, by enlisted inspectors. This application was produced in partnership with UTAL leading manufacturer of license plates.

A Major South Asian country integrates the ATT’s SealCrypt solution into its driving licenses.


The SealCrypt solution was chosen in order to secure driving licenses and make control easier. Printed on each driver’s license, the SealCrypt code contains the holder’s photo and the textual data attached to his license. The whole is encrypted in the code.

Field checks are simplified, via a simple smartphone, offline, the code is decrypted and displays all the data and the corresponding photo. Visual inspection is simpler than with a chip and the assembly is more economical.

This application was produced in partnership with a local integrator.