Secured Track & Trace

  • Is the right product in the right place at the right time?
  • How to better organize and control distribution channels and markets?
  • How to optimize product recalls?
  • Are the quantities produced by subcontractors controlled?
  • Are the correct components of the product present?
  • How to better organize and control your distribution channels?
  • How to detect and fight against the different types of diversions?
  •  How to detect fraud?

So many questions, and others, to which unit traceability, often associated with authentication, provides an answer. Advanced Track & Trace® has more than 15 years of experience in these issues working with the largest global groups, and is the expert in integrating unit traceability applications into customer processes.


Unit Identification and control of markets

Unit Identification and control of distribution networks

Advanced Track & Trace  is an expert in integrating unit traceability applications into customer processes.

Each product, even each component of the product, has its own individual identity. It is traced:

  • In the production process,
  • In stock and at shipments (automatic and picking),
  • Across the supply chain.

Identified by public codes (2D codes, or others) and sometimes associated with private codes to remedy security risks (counterfeiting, refilling, re-use, etc.) or fraud (diversion, gray markets, etc.) ..), the product is unique, legitimate, and followed as such around the world.

ATT's Track & Trace, a suite for all customers needs

Advanced Track & Trace ® benefits from its experience with major world leading groups which allows it to always be at the forefront of innovative and optimized solutions to provide a unique product, through its identity, with additional high added value functions without disrupting the production tool. 

ATT provides turnkey unit traceability applications:

  • Engineering,
  • Peripherals (marking-reading-automation- …),
  • ERP or systems link,
  • Integration into the existing, start-up, training and maintenance.

Advanced Track & Trace® operates alone or in conjunction with its customers’ suppliers and service providers.

Engineering, consulting & services

With more than fifteen years of collaboration with the largest global groups, in all sectors of activity for very different products, and deployments in all areas of the world, Advanced Track & Trace has acquired one of the best and broadest experience on the market and developed unique know-how. This expertise is put at the service of its customers to define the appropriate strategies and implement them seamlessly.

From the design of strategies adapted to the problems encountered, to the various products, to the existing production processes, to field operation, ATT’s expert engineers build the requirred projects together with their customers.

Services are also provided such as assistance in analyzing the physical elements collected, digital data, and their use.


An end-to-end modular suite

With the ID Packline® software solution, a Track & Trace solution that ensures Product – Grouping (cardboard, box, etc.) – Pallet online, ATT provides a solution adapted to fully automated factories at high speeds as well as to small units.

ID PacKline® can manage markings (ink jet or laser), pre-printed packaging or labels (see Vary ID®), performs online proofreading with quality-compliance checks, real-time aggregation-filiation, communications with ERP, order preparations and shipments. ID PackLine® can ensure Warehouse – Distributor – Retail traceability throughout the supply chain.

ID PackLine® makes it possible to check in real time whether the right product is in the right place at the right time, and allows control of distribution networks. it makes it possible to manage the authorizations / revocations of the persons empowered to control and to manage and dispatch the responses to the relevant managers.