Ready-to-wear, sportswear, sneakers

The players of ready-to-wear, sportswear or sneakers, which benefit from a very strong brand image, are among the most targeted by counterfeiters. While counterfeits are sometimes seen as a sign of success, a market flooded with fakes confuses distributors and resellers. Real brand customers can be tricked into buying a copy when believing they are buying an original. The image of the brand can be seriously damaged and loyal customers lost.

In markets where the proliferation of new products has become the norm, it is imperative that companies for which brand value is capital can guarantee their customers that new models or exclusive drops are genuine.

Advanced Track & Trace® solutions have been proven in the field around the world and effectively protect many sensitive products, allowing companies to control and protect their brands, products, know-how and intellectual property.

ATT has a long track record of success on these markets, and know how to deal with the products and contexts encountered, the needs and the returns. On markets where products evolve rapidly, often change according to the creativity of the creators, new references are created produced and circulated with a very quick turnaround, depending on the collections, ATT’s solutions come along with the adaptabily, scalability, simplicity and speed of implementation required.

ATT has the experience of deploying these solutions at the global level, they address the needs and major issues encountered:

Security :

  • Fight against counterfeiting and derivatives,
  • Diversion, mastery of distribution networks,
  • Mastery of subcontracting and overproduction practices,
  • Track & Trace.


  • Identification strategies,
  • Unit traceability,
  • Parentage and follow-up to retail


  • Consumer engagement and reassurance tools (resale platforms)


The ATT solutions offer decisive advantages in the definition of strategies and the choice of solutions:

  • “Agnostic” solutions and technologies: integrable on all media via all types of processes,
  • Simple integration into existing installations and infrastructures, 100% automatic or manual,
  • Secure integration and operation, internally or externally
  • An existing, well-established and proven software chain, easily adaptable and customizable to specific contexts,
  • No additional consumables, eco-environmental,
  • Competitive investment and operating budgets.