Games & Toys

Games and toys, because they affect children, are very sensitive products and are subject to extremely restrictive standards in terms of components, substance used and resistance. Manufacturers invest a great deal in bringing the safest possible products to market, and these efforts can be ruined by the introduction in the supply-chain of counterfeit products that are dangerous to the health of young people, and which can ultimately lead to loss of consumer confidence in brands.
For more than 15 years, the experts at Advanced Track and Trace® have worked to secure many types of products, among the most demanding and the most coveted and attacked, in the most difficult global markets. ATT authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions make it possible to undoubtedly identify an original from a copy and can be used in the field by a simple smartphone in the case of controls or seizures. These solutions are compatible with all materials, and require no additional consumables nor certification.

ATT has a particular experience in these markets, in particular in dealing with issues related to components, sub-components, complex parts, with materials that are very different from each other, various formats, and very diverse production processes. Wether direct markings via laser or inkjet on specific materials, often multi-sources, packaging, components, complex assemblies, packaging, labels, ATT has experience in deploying these solutions worldwide.

ATT solutions address the needs and major issues encountered:

Security :

  • Fight against counterfeiting,
  • Mastering of distribution networks and
    internet sales,
  • Control of overproduction on remote sites, suppliers and subcontractors,
  • Track & Trace.


  • Identification strategies, serialization,
  • Unit traceability,
  • Parentage and follow-up

Distributor-installer-user relationship:

  • Remote information, authentication, enrollment, IoT connected objects, maintenance, support, reminders, monitoring, …


ATT solutions offer decisive advantages in the definition of strategies and in the choice of solutions:

  • “Agnostic” solutions and technologies: integrable on all media via all types of processes, adaptable to contexts,
  • Easy integration into existing installations and infrastructures,
  • Secure integration and operation,
  • An existing, well-established and proven software chain, easily adaptable and customizable to specific contexts,
  • No additional consumables, eco-environmental,
  • Competitive investment and operating budgets.