Electrical and Electronic Equipments

Electronic products such as processors, microcontrollers, sensors, memories are the essential building blocks of electronic systems. A counterfeit chip or a corrupted memory compromises the operation of complex systems such as computers, tablets, mobiles, leading to costly returns and analysis for after-sales service and ultimately damage to the brands image in a very competitive, fast-paced market place.

Likewise, electrical products (sockets, switches, boards, etc.) are highly sensitive products for the safety of their users. Prime targets for counterfeiters, the use of non-compliant products can have serious consequences. 

Advanced Track & Trace® solutions guarantee the authentication of products and components, control of the supply chain and prevent the emergence of counterfeit or defective products, as well as overproduction. They  also make it possible to carry out secure, remote enrollment operations (IoT connected objects) and to optimize the relationship with installers and users and to ensure better monitoring and maintenance.

ATT has particular experience in these markets, in particular in dealing with issues related to components, sub-components, complex parts, with materials that are very different from each other, various formats, and very diverse production processes.

Wether “In mold” markings, direct laser or inkjet markings on specific materials, often multi-sources, packaging, components, complex assemblies, packaging, labels, ATT is experienced in deploying these solutions worldwide.

ATT solutions address the needs and major issues encountered:

Security :

  • Fight against counterfeiting,
  • Mastering of distribution networks and
    internet sales,
  • Control of overproduction from suppliers
    and subcontractors,
  • Track & Trace.


  • Identification strategies, serialization,
  • Unit traceability,
  • Parentage and follow-up

Distributor-installer-user relationship:

  • Remote information, authentication, enrollment, IoT connected objects, maintenance, support, reminders, monitoring, …

ATT solutions offer decisive advantages in the definition of strategies and in the choice of solutions:

  • “Agnostic” solutions and technologies: integrable on all media via all types of processes, adaptable to contexts,
  • Easy integration into existing installations and infrastructures,
  • Secure integration and operation,
  • An existing, well-established and proven software chain, easily adaptable and customizable to specific contexts,
  • No additional consumables, eco-environmental,
  • Competitive investment and operating budgets.