Products from chemicals and petrochemicals are a prime target for counterfeiters because of their packaging which does not allow the content of the products to be verified when purchasing. It is therefore important for manufacturers of paints, oils, lubricants, etc., to secure their products by applying authentication and traceability solutions directly to their packaging.

For more than 15 years, the experts at Advanced Track & Trace® have worked to secure many types of products, among the most demanding and the most attacked, in the most difficult global markets and in very sensitive areas. ATT’s experience in authentication, anti-counterfeiting and secure traceability provides its customers with end-to-end turnkey solutions at the best costs. Perfectly suited to high-speed and large-volume production.

ATT also offers innovative solutions to detect fuel fraud at refineries, distribution vectors and points of sale.

ATT has the experience in deploying its solutions worldwide to respond to the problems of companies in the chemical industry sector: industrial adhesives, paints, detergents, soaps, fine chemicals…. Diversity of products, production and packaging processes, materials, solutions must adapt to multiple constraints, while remaining flexible to adapt to changes in materials and processes.

ATT solutions address the needs and major issues encountered:

Security :

  • Fight against counterfeiting and derivatives: re-use, refillings, etc.
  • Mastering of distribution networks and internet sales,
  • Control of supplier and subcontractor production,
  • Track & Trace.


  • Identification strategies, serialization,
  • Unit traceability,
  • Parentage and follow-up

Distributor-installer-user relationship:

  • Remote information, authentication, enrollment, monitoring, …


ATT solutions offer decisive advantages in the definition of strategies and in the choice of solutions:

  • “Agnostic” solutions and technologies: integrable on all media via all types of processes, adaptable to contexts,
  • Easy integration into existing installations and infrastructures,
  • Secure integration and operation,
  • An existing, well-established and proven software chain, easily adaptable and customizable to specific contexts,
  • No additional consumables, eco-environmental,
  • Competitive investment and operating budgets.