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Works of art, diamonds, musical instruments, household appliances, seeds,… and many more. For 15 years, Advanced Track & Trace® has encountered, studied and solved a large number of issues relating to very different products, sectors and activities in all areas of the world.

The company has thus enriched its know-how and its ability to deliver the right solution for the right product and the right need. Our technologies are proven in the field and used daily around the world by governments, institutions, major international brands as well as smaller companies wishing to effectively protect their production and know-how.

Whatever your market and your problem, with the confidentiality due to its customers and that which is due to you, ATT’s expertise feeds your reflection with regard to information and feedback acquired directly from the field and from developments. illegal practices, in contact with the biggest brands.

With its incomparable experience ATT builds helps you build your strategy and delivers a solution really adapted to your needs:

Security :

  • Fight against counterfeiting and derivatives
  • Mastering of distribution networks and internet sales,
  • Control of supplier and subcontractor production,
  • Track & Trace.


  • Identification strategies, serialization,
  • Unit traceability,
  • Parentage and follow-up

Distributor-installer-user relationship:

  • Remote information, authentication, monitoring, …


ATT solutions offer decisive advantages in the definition of strategies and in the choice of solutions:

  • “Agnostic” solutions and technologies: integrable on all media via all types of processes, adaptable to contexts,
  • Easy integration into existing installations and infrastructures,
  • Secure integration and operation,
  • An existing, well-established and proven software chain, easily adaptable and customizable to specific contexts,
  • No additional consumables, eco-environmental,
  • Competitive investment and operating budgets.