Services, Engineering, Consulting

With more than fifteen years of collaboration with the largest global groups, in all sectors of activity for very different products, and deployments in all areas of the world, Advanced Track & Trace has acquired one of the best and broadest experiences on the market and developed unique know -how. This expertise is put at the service of its clients to define the appropriate strategies and implement them.

From the design of strategies adapted to the problems encountered, to the various products, to the existing production processes, to field operation, ATT’s expert engineers build projects with their customers.

Services are also provided in assistance in analyzing the physical elements collected, digital data, and their use.

Since its creation, ATT has made sure to develop its activities in such a way as to cover the entire spectrum of the Brand Protection and secure traceability. This allows us both to be able to offer global and integrated solutions to the clients we support, while always keeping a global perspective when we work on a single segment of a project related to the scope of our activities.

ATT offers are characterized by agile, top-of-the-range, innovative services building on our extensive experience. ATT solutions are designed based on the customer’s identity and expressed need, as well as the requirements of local situations and operating environments. ATT’s expert engineers offer the most suitable solutions and ensure all the time that each elements meets operational requirements.


ATT supports its clients in the different stages of the project, from the identification of the issues to the implementation of solutions:

  • Analyzes, Audits,
  • Studies, Specifications,
  • Solutions conception,
  • Proof of concept and deployment,
  • Tailor-made turnkey solutions,
  • The expertise and experience of integration,
  • Customer internalization,
  • Support, service.

Control of suppliers and third parties

The combination of ATT’s tools allows fine control of production orders, shipments and deliveries carried out not only by the contractor’s suppliers or subcontractors, but also by intermediaries across the entire distribution chain. The quantities and type of products produced are perfectly anticipated, known and controlled in multiple lines and on several production sites simultaneously. Production incidents and non-conformities are recorded and are the subject of corrections and reports where necessary. Quality thresholds are also established.

From the creation of the OF at the subcontractor to the eventual recall, the product and its components are controlled, monitored, traced and secured.


  • Traceability of automotive / aeronautical / medical / IT spare parts
  • Control of production volumes of products belonging to a Protected Designation of Origin.

Business apps

The Smartphone as a Recording, Reading, Control or Reporting tool.

The IT know-how of ATT’s project teams makes it possible to offer « tailor-made » or white label apps that allow selected and geolocated populations to collect the information sought. From consumer dedicated iOs and Android applications to specific business application for an enrolled population, ATT helps you collect detailed information from the field, and provide relevant answers to users.

ATT China in Shanghai

ATT has had a presence in China for 10 years with a subsidiary in Shanghai in charge of the mainland China market, and one in Hong Kong covering the rest of Asia.

The sales team made it possible to get the Seal Vector authenticator accredited early on from the CATA certification body and gain ATT recognition as the benchmark in digital authentication.

ATT authentication solutions are now widely used by large international groups present in China, as well as Chinese companies increasingly involved in the fight against counterfeiting.

A qualified technical team provides local daily support to our customers in China and other Asian countries to allow them to get the most out of the authentication solutions implemented on a wide range of products such as drugs, vaccines, wines and spirits, perfumes and cosmetics, toys, FMCG, spare parts etc….

ATT China also has recognized expertise in product identification and traceability solutions, particularly for purposes of combating parallel markets. To this end, ATT deploys, in addition to authentication, unit marking solutions for products printed by inkjet or laser using public or private codes, constantly providing its customers with the highest levels of security. of the market.

ATT also provides legal assistance in China and other Asian countries in the field detection and seizure of items that must be demonstrated as counterfeited in courts

In addition to China, ATT also has significant applications and local relays in Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and can support clients in each of these regions.

Anti-diversion traceability

A product can be genuine and be in a market where it shouldn’t be.

The product is generally imported into a market not authorized by the Brand with the intention of circumventing agreements and regulations. These practices hurt Brands who lose control of their products, confuse customers and undermine authorized partners and distribution networks.

Counterfeits are sometimes mixed with diverted products, further undermining customer confidence.

ATT supports its customers in the implementation of temporary or long-term solutions, rapidly evolving, to detect, prove and control these practices.

Advanced Track & Trace® guarantees the confidential treatment of projects.