Advanced Track & Trace® strong authentication solutions make it possible to distinguish without confusion an original and legitimate product or component from a counterfeit.

With the ability to be used as legal evidence, they allow a client to affix a sign attesting to his ownership on a physical object and to identify it by a private code that cannot be used without the authorized rights. 

Advanced Track & Trace® expert engineers work with their customers to develop the best identification and authentication strategies and the methods and resources for their operation.

Public codes (bar codes, 2D codes, etc.) can be associated with private identifiers or authenticators, visible or not, in order to meet the various needs encountered, and strategies, to ensure security of products, Brands, logistics, distribution networks and consumer.


The Seal Vector® code is an ATT patented code , that has three main functions:

  • Allow a Trademark to affix a sign attesting to its ownership on any object or graphic representation, in digital or physical form,
  • Provide proof of the modification of a physical or digital image,
  • Provide proof of illegal copying of a two-dimensional physical object.

An agnostic technology : 

Each authenticating code carries a unique individual encrypted identity which makes it possible to trace it, to characterize it, and beyond the product, to trace the upstream and downstream production operations. Seal Vector® technology is suitable for most printing processes and can be safely integrated with subcontractors or suppliers of components, packaging, labels, trim elements. It can be used remotely in the field, in instant control, by simply reading it by smartphone or other dedicated readers.

More than 150 major printers and converters worldwide, on all continents, via most processes (offset, digital, gravure, flexo, transfer, laser, etc.) integrate the Seal Vector for their prime contractors, customers of ATT.

The Seal Vector®: an unique authentifiying tracer .

A pioneer of so-called PUF (Physical Unclonable Functions) and Security by Design technologies, ATT developed these technologies in the 2000s and has continued to develop them since then. A large and solid portfolio of patents, proven know-how and experience spanning more than 15 years make ATT and Seal Vector® the world benchmarks for these technologies.

  • Proven and secure: integrated into billions of products every year, for over 15 years, used in the world of banknotes for several years, the Seal Vector® authenticating tracer offers the highest level of security. It is used as legal proof in several countries.
  • zero Eco-environmental impact: does not require any consumable. Printed, it uses the consumables already in use; marked, it is integrated by simple laser abrasion. It thus has no impact on the environmental balance of the product.
  • Discreet: measuring from a few microns to a few mm², the Seal Vector® adapts to all sizes of products and packaging, it can be hidden in a print background, a logo, a graphic, etc.
  • easy to integrate: compatible with existing equipment, flexible, quick to integrate and use, it allows reading in the field using a simple smartphone
  • Competitive: without consumables and without complex equipment requirred, it is an extremely competitive technology.

A strong authentication tracer code

Each Seal Vector®, in addition to its copy detection functions, carries a unique individual identity which allows it to be traced at any time as well as, before it is printed on the product or its packaging, to trace upstream production operations.

  • The Seal Vector® authenticator and, if applicable, the associated public codes, can be integrated in total security at the suppliers of components or packaging facilities. integration operations are tracked and traced. Sama applies to subcontractors and on production lines.
  • The solutions are used in the field, remotely, by simply reading them by smartphone or other dedicated readers.
  • The Seal Vector® code can be integrated on all supports: coated flat cardboard, PET, labels, metal, ABS, etc., by all printing and marking processes: ink jet, laser, offset, gravure, flexo, heat transfer,….
  • The Seal Vector code is compatible with most of the standards currently in use in the industry.

The opaque world of counterfeiting

The "second hand"market

Advanced Track & Trace® authentication solutions are robust and durable over time, and thus make it possible to distinguish without confusion an original and legitimate product or component from a counterfeit, even several decades after sale.

The second-hand luxury market, but not only, has exploded in recent years. The growth of this market is fueled by new customers who want to access a brand and by loyal customers who resell products purchased new to buy back othersor new ones. It is a growth driver for the Brands, and seeing its products being bought and sold on the second-hand market represents a real opportunity to find new customers and retain old ones. 

This rotation fuels demand and production for the Brands. It is also a wide open door to the introduction of counterfeits and manipulated products. 

ATT supports its customers with personalized solutions that allow products and their components to be authenticated, on the second-hand market but also in the management of returns to repair shops.